Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Don’t Wear Your Ear buds

Cell Phones and Earbuds

It probably comes as no surprise that wearing headphones has the potential to prohibit us from hearing things going on around us, but research has actually shown that using headphones also poses the threat of increasing our chance of being involved in an accident because we miss auditory cues that we would otherwise hear.  Likewise, we could become more of a target because we are disengaged from our surroundings.

“Headphones…isolate users from their environment, cocooning them so that they are less aware of what is going on around them. Researchers have found that in 29% of cases, victims who were hit by cars or trains apparently failed to hear the warning sounds of horns and sirens.”

 Headphones/ Cell Phone Tips

  • Never walk while wearing headphones — it decreases awareness of your surroundings and also makes you less aware by separating you from your environment’s “auditory clues” that can keep you safe — you can easily miss loud obstacles like cars, trains, and ambulances.
  • Cell phone use while walking not only puts your personal safety at risk by not enabling you to notice cars and other speedy obstacles, but your lack of awareness can make you a target for attack.

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