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Campuswide Safety Signage

Sanjay Uchil, MS, may not be known across campus. But the police safety signage he is responsible for soon will be on exit doors all over the University.

Uchil is applications development manager for the School of Medicine’s BIORESCO or Freezer Program, a storeroom where research labs go to get their supplies. A UMB employee since 1997, he proudly says “working with Carol McKissick and many other key people on this campus, we have taken this operation from a small departmental [biochemistry] stockroom to a campuswide operation.”

Campuswide Safety Signs

Now his “campuswide” project consists of small attractive signs that provide those leaving buildings with the emergency number for the UMB Police Force (410-706-3333) and the number for the police escort service (410-706-6882).

After the Safety Matters town halls in October, the UMB community was urged to offer ideas to enhance security. Many people responded, and Uchil’s idea was deemed among the best. He originally passed along his safety signage idea to McKissick, MBA, a staff senator, who urged him to submit it at “Laura Kozak from Communications and Public Affairs [CPA] contacted me in response to that email,” Uchil says.

Now several months later, his concise summary of safety services and contact information near the entrances is becoming a reality. Mike Ruddock, director of branding communications in CPA, developed signage that adheres to building windows, doors, and walls. The two-sided adhesive surface is repositionable, durable, and weatherproof. Reasonably priced, the signs are fit for glass doors and non-glass doors.

Reminder to Use the Police Escort Service

“Many times when I have had to walk to the Saratoga Garage late in the evening, I have thought of calling the police escort van, but then I gave up on the idea, because I did not have the number,” Uchil says. “Having these decals posted on the doors will serve two purposes: 1. Always there when you need it, and 2. Gently encourage folks to use this service and avoid putting themselves in harm’s way.”

Community Ideas Put to Work

Uchil is thrilled and honored that his idea was acted upon. “I feel proud to be part of a community where worthwhile ideas do get promoted,” he says. “To me, it is more about the idea and less about the person.”

Do you have an idea to keep UMB safer? Tell us about it!

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