Dark Danger

While you’re “falling back” an hour to celebrate the end of daylight saving time on Nov. 6, do it with caution. Experts say such time changes bring an increase in safety incidents.

Evening rush hour, enveloped by darkness once the clocks change, is a particular culprit. Drivers aren’t used to the decreased visibility and neither are pedestrians, who might take chances crossing streets when they shouldn’t.

In addition, drivers are drowsier in the darker environment.

UMB’s departments of Public Safety and Parking and Transportation Services advise taking the following precautions this time of year:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings
  2. Don’t walk and talk on your cell phone
  3. Use the walking/van escort service (simply call 6-6882 or 410-706-6882 and a uniformed officer will be sent to your location)
  4. Walk with at least one other individual

If you have other parking or safety concerns, please visit the UMB police feedback web page or the parking services web page.

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