Safety Tips

Don’t Walk and Talk or Text

Stay safe with these tips!

Basic Safety Habits

  • Carry your ID with emergency contact information
  • Bring along a phone and a small amount of cash
  • Don’t walk alone
  • Cross at crosswalks or intersections – jaywalking increases your risk of a serious accident

*Motorists are not required to stop for jaywalking pedestrians. If you are jaywalking, you must yield to vehicles.

Headphones/Cell Phones

  • Never walk while wearing headphones – it decreases your awareness of your surroundings by separating you from your environment’s “auditory clues” – with headphones on you can easily miss loud obstacles like cars, trains, and ambulances.
  • Cell phone use, while walking, not only puts your personal safety at risk by decreasing your ability to hear cars and other noisy obstacles along your path, it also decreases your awareness, which can make you a target for attack.

Do Not Walk Alone

Your odds of being attacked are decreased by 50 percent if you are with another person or even walking a dog. Walking with a companion is a strong crime deterrent.

Follow Your Intuition

  • Trust your gut. If you feel like something is not right, go to a more populated area or cross the street.
  • If a car comes up to you that seems suspicious, run the opposite way.

What to Do If You Are in Jeopardy

  • If you feel that your personal safety is in jeopardy, one of the most important things to do is draw attention to yourself.
    1. Screaming, jumping or whistling can draw attention your way – do whatever it takes to draw eyes to you.
    2. If you are near your car, sound the alarm on your key fob.
    3. If you are in your car, honk the horn.

Always remember, your personal belongings are replaceable – your life is not.


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