What is The Elm?

The Elm is a user-driven, University website that works to engage the UMB community in the education, research, technology, clinical care, life, profiles, community service, and collaborations of UMB. By creating a sense of University pride and identity through engagement and collaboration, The Elm looks to improve the quality of life at UMB for students, faculty, and staff. A hub for news and information, The Elm is a dynamic and comprehensive online resource for UMB, its neighbors and region.

Why is the site called The Elm?

The Davidge elm is the University’s historical symbol. An English elm, it stood at the corner of Lombard and Greene streets – where its sapling now stands – honoring the history of the University as the University System of Maryland’s founding campus.

How do I submit a story to The Elm?

Complete the content submission form. Email The Elm with questions.

How do I submit a photo/video to The Elm?

You can submit a photo to The Elm using the content submission form. Make sure you include photo caption and credit information.

Is someone else writing/covering the same event or topic? How do we avoid duplicating efforts?

To prevent duplication of work, email The Elm. However, in some cases several perspectives may be valuable. We will determine assignments on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need permission to submit content?

No. Anyone affiliated with UMB can submit content. However, publication on The Elm is not guaranteed. Your supervisor may require that you get his or her approval before submitting content to The Elm. Make that determination within your department or office.

Will I be notified if my story is accepted and how long will that take?

Yes. Contributors will be notified within one week (sometimes sooner) regarding the status of their submissions.

How do I advertise on The Elm?

The Elm will post announcements, classifieds, offers, discounts, and coupons from area businesses and affiliates of UMB, but does not accept paid advertisements at this time.

Can I reuse or reproduce images from The Elm?

With the proper attribution, most likely, yes. However, contact The Elm to be sure.

Can I have permission to reproduce material from The Elm?

With the proper attribution, most likely, yes. However, contact The Elm to be sure.

How do I post to the common events calendar?

Complete the calendar submission form. Email The Elm with questions.

Where do I find the University’s style guidelines?

To see the University’s editorial style guidelines for the web, click here.

How do I find The Elm on social media?

Links to our social media are located at elm.umaryland.edu.

Will my post automatically populate on the home page?

Yes, all posts populate on the home page, starting with the most recent. However, keep in mind, the more a post is “Elm-ed up,” shared, and commented on, the more it will be pushed to the top of the home page. You can “Elm up” a post only once. Content is posted indefinitely.

Are categories pre-determined? Can I suggest a new category?

Yes, categories are pre-determined by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, but you can request categories to which you want to link your content on the content submission form. You also may create tags for your content, which will increase your readership and make your content easier to find.

Do you have post dates?

Yes, you can request a publication date on the content submission form. You also may search content on The Elm via the post date.

What kind of content is appropriate for The Elm?

We accept any type of content deemed appropriate for the University. There are different types of post formats such as stories, links, video, audio, photo galleries, and more. We recommend writing in a conversational tone as a way to engage your readers. For more tips, check out our guidelines for web writing.

Do you edit all content that is submitted?

Please review the editorial style guide before submitting content for The Elm. We want people to take ownership of their content and edits, but we’re always here to help. We will review each submission and send back to the author if we have questions.

Can we request someone to cover events or write a story?

Yes, send your request to The Elm.

Do we have a photo release form?

Yes, we have a Universitywide photo release form.

Do photos have to be high quality?

It’s recommended, but no. We only exclude photographs or images deemed inappropriate or those that do not display properly on the web page.

Can I make edits to content after it’s published?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Email The Elm.

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