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It’s Volunteer Season: Help Our Community Partners

On Nov. 8, UMB President Jay A. Perman, MD, invited the University community to volunteer in support of local nonprofit organizations and K-12 public schools throughout Baltimore and Maryland, citing the importance of service expressed to him by members of our campus community. (Read Dr. Perman’s letter.)

UMB is offering four hours of paid administrative leave to be used by full-time staff in support of volunteer opportunities throughout the state through the end of 2018. In the spirit of Dr. Perman’s invitation, the UMB Office of Community Engagement (OCE) challenges individuals and departmental groups alike to peruse the volunteer opportunities of campus partners on its new volunteer webpage and select opportunities that appeal to you or your group.

Volunteering can be fulfilling and fun and allows you to work toward a common goal along with your colleagues and neighbors! You’d be surprised at the difference we all can make! If you have questions about any of the volunteer opportunities listed on the OCE website, please contact Brian Sturdivant, director for strategic initiatives and community partnerships, at or by calling 6-1678.

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