Pearl Street Warning

Using Pearl Street as a shortcut to Lexington Street to avoid traffic on Greene and Saratoga streets can be a big mistake — a $90 mistake.

The UMB Police Force says drivers going the wrong way on Pearl Street is happening more often as the bottleneck at Saratoga and Greene streets worsens at rush hour. A clear violation of Article 21-308(a) in the Maryland Motor Vehicle Laws, failure to drive designated one-way direction on posted roadway, taking this shortcut will soon result in tickets.

“We know sitting in traffic can be frustrating,” says Lt. Erik Pecha of the UMB Police Force, who points out the ticket carries a $90 fine and one point if found guilty and $130 fine and three points if the violation contributes to an accident. “But the UMB Police Force is committed to maintaining public safety so if this practice continues, tickets will be handed out. We don’t want to see a head-on accident result from someone driving the wrong way on Pearl Street.”

Faculty, staff, and students, please drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Your University colleagues’ safety can depend upon it.

— Chris Zang

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  1. dennis drymala - Reply

    I see it a lot in the evening around 5 pm and going the wrong way there is no Stop sign. so, some drivers go right through and they aren’t running a stop sign because there isn’t one on that side?

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