Quantum Financials Project Team Hits First Milestone

Last week, the Quantum Financials Project Team hit the first big milestone in the development of UMB’s new financials system: on-time completion of the first of three planned conference room pilots.

Over the last three months, the Quantum Financials Project Team and designated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have made hundreds of early decisions that form the prototype foundation of the new system. The pilots — also called playbacks — provide an opportunity for the team to see the results of decisions it’s made. This sets the stage for further research, design, and testing. At this stage, none of the decisions is final.

The goals of this first playback session were to:

  • Test the prototype Chart of Accounts to determine whether it works as anticipated and where refinements still need to be made.
  • View, understand, and test data flows within the system.
  • Identify how well the configured application addresses UMB’s needs and identify areas for further review.

This first playback sessions focused on flows within the procurement, grants, and finance modules, including the prototype Chart of Accounts. Future sessions will cover additional transactions, tests, and refinements, including a look at reporting capabilities.

Over the next few months, the Change Team will be formalizing several groups that will hear about Quantum updates and share some of that information with others on campus. If you are interested in participating with the Change Team, please send us an email at QuantumFinancials@umaryland.edu. We’ll get in touch as we formalize these groups.

Robin Reid Technology, UMB NewsOctober 27, 20170 commentsQuantum Financials Project, UMB’s new financials system, University of Maryland Baltimore.

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