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Career Development for Local Youth

On July 18, UMB hosted the Law and Leadership Academy Summer Program at Franklin Square Elementary Middle School for the third consecutive year.

The program offers career exposure activities to students in West Baltimore. Participating students hailed from Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington Elementary Middle Schools, in addition to UMB’s partner school Franklin Square Elementary Middle. During the program this year, students have visited the UMB schools of nursing, law and dentistry.

This most recent visit was to the dental school where students learned about careers in dentistry and dental hygiene. Andrea Morgan, DDS, director of student advocacy and cultural affairs within the Division of Operative Dentistry, gave an overview of the profession, fielded questions about the specifics of common pediatric procedures, and led a tour of the practice labs.

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Franklin Square’s STEAM Program

Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School’s Critical Literacy & Professional STEAM Summer Camp is directed by Kirk Crawley, ’88 JD, a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and social studies teacher at Franklin Square, and Sean McNally, science teacher at Franklin Square. A six-week program for middle school students, the camp partners with the School of Law and Office of Community Engagement at UMB.

At the camp, students are exposed to various legal and healthcare careers. Once a week the students visit UMB for career activities involving the professional schools and a number of physical activities at URecFit.

Camp Highlights

The Franklin Square students were given a lesson on human anatomy at the School of Medicine; they learned about pharmacy careers and toured the School of Pharmacy; and they toured the clinical simulation labs at the School of Nursing.

Students also enjoyed a case study presentation about a subject called Alice Short who developed various health issues while on the job because of her work environment and the presence of mosquitoes. Campers were divided into two teams to understand the case – plaintiff and defense.

Campers visited the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s geography department and learned about mosquitoes and collection methods; UMB’s School of Medicine where they discussed illegal dumping and epidemiology; UMB’s School of Law taught students about court procedures such as opening statements and direct examination of witnesses; and the Baltimore City Juvenile Detention Center where they met with judges and lawyers who helped students understand their case. With each visit, students gained valuable legal information and trial skills. Next week, the culminating camp event will be a mock trial at the Circuit Court of Baltimore City.

Science teacher Sean McNally says, “The students have really enjoyed taking the trips to UMB throughout the summer. They have been able to meet with professionals, graduate students, tour the facilities, and learn a wide array of information about law and science. Our scholars were exposed to various legal and STEM careers and have gained real world experience and connections with professionals at an early age.”

The camp would not be possible without Crawley, the law and leadership director. He has put a lot of time into making the camp the best experience possible for the students at Franklin Square.

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