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Friends of the National Library of Medicine

Friends of National Library of Medicine Annual Conference

Working with the National Library of Medicine and Research!America, the Friends of the National Library of Medicine will be holding its annual conference: “Consequential and Reproducible Clinical Research: Charting the Course for Continuous Improvement.”

The conference will discuss prevention of nonrepeatable research and inconsequential studies, highlight positive strategies to achieve trustworthy results, and significant quality improvement in clinical research studies.

The constructive and practical messages should benefit producers as well as users of clinical research discoveries. It features a variety of speakers including the School of Pharmacy’s Peter Doshi, PhD. The conference will take place June 14 to 17.


Ryan Harris Bulletin Board, Education, People, Research, University AdministrationApril 24, 20170 comments
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From Beer to DNA Exhibit

From DNA to Beer Exhibit at the HS/HSL

The HS/HSL will host “From DNA to Beer: Harnessing Nature in Medicine and Industry,” in the Weise Gallery now through April 22. This exhibit – developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History – explores some of the processes, problems, and potentials inherent in technologies that use life.

Find out more about the exhibit on the National Library of Medicine’s website.

Ryan Harris University LifeMarch 22, 20170 comments
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Project Share

HS/HSL’s Project SHARE Curriculum Used Nationally

The Project Share Curriculum, developed at the HS/HSL and funded by a grant from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), is being used and tested by five Area Health Education Center (AHEC) members.

The five participating AHEC’s are: Boston AHEC, Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island AHEC, Centennial/Southwestern Colorado AHECs, Eastern Connecticut AHEC, and the state of Montana AHEC program.

This year-long health information literacy project, also funded by the NLM, focuses on teaching skills to diverse populations early in life when personal habits and life-long skills are being developed. The project recognizes the ability to find, interpret, and use reliable sources of health information can have a direct impact on one’s health. By building skills early in life, health outcomes across the life-span are improved.

The Project SHARE curriculum will be used in the field in urban settings and frontier regions, with Native American tribes and in multicenter AHEC partnerships. The sites will share best practices and implementation experiences with each other, with future sites, and with the HS/HSL’s Project SHARE Curriculum development team.

Everly BrownCommunity Service, Education, UMB News, University AdministrationApril 11, 20160 comments
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Shakespeare Exhibit at HS/HSL

Shakespeare Exhibit Now at HS/HSL

An exhibition developed and produced by the Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine and the Folger Shakespeare Library will be displayed in the HS/HSL Weise Gallery now through May 14, 2016.

“And there’s the humor of it”: Shakespeare and the Four Humors explores the role played by the four humors in several of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays through beautiful imagery and rare books from both the National Library of Medicine and the Folger Shakespeare Library, and examines more modern interpretations of the four humors in contemporary medicine.

Ryan HarrisBulletin Board, Education, People, Research, UMB News, University LifeApril 7, 20161 comment
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Cyber-Security Conference

Experts Bookend Upcoming Cybersecurity Conference

Cybersecurity is everyone’s concern whether at the research bench, in the classroom, or in your own personal email and social media accounts. Join us on April 8 for “Cybersecurity and You: Issues in Higher Education and Beyond.”

Keynote Speakers

Our morning and afternoon keynote speakers, Joe St. Sauver, PhD, and Alessandro Acquisti, PhD, will explore the subject from two different perspectives. For the morning keynote, St. Sauver, a scientist at a data-driven security company, with previous work in higher education and Internet2/InCommon, will offer his keynote, “Cybersecurity and You: Successfully Operating in Denied Areas.”

Our afternoon keynote, Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of information technology and public policy at the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University, and member, Board of Regents of the National Library of Medicine will share his thoughts in “Why Online Privacy Matters in the Face of Heightened Surveillance Measures.”

Other panels will explore:

  • How UMB meets challenges in sharing and securing research data
  • Cybersecurity trends and their impacts on the legal industry
  • Collaborative efforts to safeguard the UMB community’s infrastructure, data, and networks
  • Massive data collection practices by the government under the Fourth Amendment and their implications for libraries and current legislative efforts potentially detrimental to library users’ privacy
  • How your information on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is gathered and used

Conference Details

Check out the conference program and RSVP online today!

Organized by HS/HSL, the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, and CITS, this conference is free and open to the public; however, registration is required. It will take place on Friday, April 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Southern Management Corporation (SMC) Campus Center at UMB.

A light lunch will be served. The keynotes and parts of the program will be live-streamed at the time of the event, and the video recording also will be available.

Ryan HarrisBulletin Board, Collaboration, Education, People, Research, Technology, UMB News, University AdministrationMarch 24, 20160 comments
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Native Voices Exhibit at the HS/HSL

Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian people.  The exhibit is open to the public and will be on display in the Health Sciences and Human Services Library until August 9, 2015.

The traveling exhibition, produced by the National Library of Medicine, explores the connection between wellness, illness, and cultural life through a combination of interviews with Native people, artwork, objects, and interactive media.

The National Library of Medicine has a history of working with Native communities as part of the Library’s commitment to make health information resources accessible to people no matter where they live or work. The Native Voices exhibition concept grew out of meetings with Native leaders in Alaska, Hawai`i and the Lower 48.

See a Unique Collection of Information

“This exhibition honors the Native tradition of oral history and establishes a unique collection of information,” says Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD, director of the National Library of Medicine. “We hope visitors will find Native Voices both educational and inspirational, and we hope Native people will view it with pride.”

The traveling exhibition features interviews and works from Native people living on reservations, in tribal villages, and in cities. Topics include: Native views of land, food, community, earth/nature, and spirituality as they relate to Native health; the relationship between traditional healing and Western medicine in Native communities; economic and cultural issues that affect the health of Native communities; efforts by Native communities to improve health conditions; and the role of Native Americans in military service and healing support for returning Native veterans.

There is an online version of the exhibition to make the Native Voices information accessible to people even if they can’t come to the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.

HS/HSL  |  Weise Gallery  |  now until August 9

For more information please contact Aphrodite Bodycomb (410) 706-8853. 

Julia PellegriniEducation, For B'more, University LifeJune 26, 20150 comments
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Dr. Lindberg

Dr. Donald A.B. Lindberg to Speak at “Native Voices” Exhibit

“A View of the Native Voices Exhibit: From the Beginning”

Donald A. B. Lindberg, MD, was the motivating force behind the “Native Voices” exhibit. His vision and passion led him to travel to tribal communities throughout the United States to hear and experience native healing. Dr. Lindberg will speak at the HS/HSL on Monday, May 4, about the concept for the exhibit, the process for gathering information, engaging with native healers, and the dedication of the healing totem pole at the National Library of Medicine, which was carved in the Pacific northwest.

A light lunch will be served with dessert in the exhibit space. There is no charge.

Monday, May 4, 2015  |  11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  |   HS/HSL Gladhill Board Room, 5th Floor

Reserve your space today!


Michael MartinoCollaboration, Education, Global & Community Engagement, University LifeApril 13, 20150 comments
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Surviving & Thriving: AIDS, Politics, and Culture

The National Library of Medicine’s traveling exhibition, Surviving and Thriving: AIDS, Politics, and Culture will be on display at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL) now until Nov. 8.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition explores the rise of AIDS in the early 1980’s and the evolving response to the epidemic over the last 30 years. The title Surviving and Thriving comes from a book written in 1987 by and for people with AIDS that insisted people could live with AIDS, not just die from it. Jennifer Brier, the exhibition curator, explains that “centering the experience of people with AIDS in the exhibition allows us to see how critical they were, and continue to be, in the political and medical fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Surviving and Thriving presents their stories alongside those of others involved in the national AIDS crisis. The six-banner traveling exhibition utilizes a variety of historic photographs as well as images of pamphlets and publications to illustrate how a group of people responded to, or failed to respond, to HIV/AIDS.

This exhibition was produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, and curated by Jennifer Brier, PhD, University of Illinois.

Aphrodite BodycombGlobal & Community Engagement, University LifeOctober 8, 20140 comments
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