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Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate Earth Day with URecFit and CulinArt at the SMC Campus Center!

We’re all caretakers of the Earth. Learn how to empower others as well as yourself to make a positive impact on the planet.

Become more environmentally friendly by joining URecFit and CulinArt on Thursday, April 20, at noon in the lobby of the SMC Campus Center.

Take Action on Earth Day!

  • Bring in three plastic grocery bags and receive a recycled grocery tote
  • Bring in three water bottles and receive a recycled 25 oz. water bottle
  • Participate in the 5K walk/run and receive a mini herb garden
  • Learn about and sign up for the Green Office Program
  • Enjoy some edible dirt
Julia Wightman Bulletin Board, Collaboration, Community Service, Education, For B'more, Global & Community Engagement, People, UMB Go Green, University Administration, University Life, USGAApril 17, 20170 comments
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Safe Space

Safe Space Train-The-Trainer Workshop

On Aug. 17 from 1 to 4 p.m., UMB will offer a Safe Space Train-the-Trainer workshop where we will teach participants how to run their own Safe Space Training at UMB. The workshop will be held in the School of Nursing, Room 435.

Workshop Topics

  • LGBTQIA+ history
  • Trans* specific education
  • Facilitation tips
  • Overview of current safe space practices

All interested individuals should email Greg Brightbill.

Greg Brightbill Bulletin Board, Collaboration, Community Service, Education, People, University LifeAugust 2, 20160 comments
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