Mikhel Kushner

UMB Welcomes New Title IX Coordinator

The Office of Accountability and Compliance is pleased to announce the arrival of University of Maryland, Baltimore’s new Title IX Coordinator, Mikhel Kushner, JD, MSW.

A graduate of UMB’s School of Social Work (1998) and the University of Baltimore School of Law (2009), Kushner comes to UMB with extensive experience in higher education including almost a decade directing the Women’s Center at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Prior to joining UMB, Kushner spent several years overseeing Title IX compliance for a consortium of institutions including two medical schools, a school of nursing, a veterinary school, and several colleges.

As executive director for diversity and inclusion and Title IX coordinator, Kushner will guide UMB’s efforts to assure meaningful compliance with federal laws focused on equity and access in schools and the workplace. Her role and responsibilities include:

  • Providing technical assistance on diversity, inclusion, equity, and access issues for employees and students
  • Offering programming and resources intended to prevent discrimination and increase understanding across differences
  • Acting as primary point of contact for responsible employees required to report any information regarding incidents or inferences of sex- and gender-based violence or harassment
  • Coordinating response to reports of possible discrimination including all instances of sex- and gender-based violence or harassment impacting our academic and affiliated communities

Kushner looks forward to working with the community to address issues proactively. Her office is on the 5th floor at 620 W. Lexington St. and she can be contacted at mikhel.kushner@umaryland.edu or 410-706-1852. Anonymous reports and inquiries can still be made by phone 866-594-5220 or online.

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