UMBPACE is New Affinity Group Under UMBrella

UMBPACE (Professional Administratives Committed to Excellence), a new affinity group under the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) UMBrella initiative, is dedicated to empowering administrative professionals at the University.

Please visit the UMBPACE website to read more about its mission, goals, and purpose. Please feel free to contact the members with any questions you might have, and look for much more to come from this group.

The members of UMBPACE are: Janice Flair, Human Resource Services; Mae Hill, Police/Public Safety; Tyra Johnson, Central Administration Support Services; Shelvia McGee-Chavis, Central Administration Support Services; Debra Modlin, Office of Research Development; Peggy Moran, Center for Information Technology Services; Saifa Poole, Office of the Senior Vice President; Freda Richards, Office of the Dean, School of Medicine; Trish Rider, Office of the Dean, School of Law; Eris Smith,  Office of the Dean, School of Dentistry; and Clara Woodly, Office of the President.

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