USAD, USGA, and SHAOLIN JAZZ presents Color of Sound

SHAOLIN JAZZ has performed at over 18 Universities such as Temple University, Tufts University, Cornell University, and the University of Virginia. The exhibition will take place Friday, March 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the SMC Campus Center Elm Ballroom.

The 37th Chamber

The 37th Chamber, conceived and produced by Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones in early winter 2011, is a boutique music project that has 2-Tone artfully blending the acappellasfrom members of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan with the instrumentals from hand selected jazz greats.


SHAOLIN JAZZ has created a series of innovative music and art experiences under this platform. Since its inception, SHAOLIN JAZZ has received world-wide attention receiving over 40,500 downloads, over 200,000 YouTube views, featured in numerous articles and interviews in major media outlets including National Public Radio, The Washington Post, and The Washington CityPaper. It has also been showcased and exhibited in numerous creative engagements in New York, Philadelphia, and New Orleans including the historic Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington, D.C., BB Kings Blues Club in New York, and the SchomburgCenter for Research in Black Culture also in New York.

Fusing multimedia and interactive approaches, SHAOLIN JAZZ serves as an entertaining yet informative platform that highlights the parallels between jazz culture and hip-hop culture which is exhibited through three well curated music and art engagements: SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE, COLOR of SOUND, and CAN I KICK IT?

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