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HS/HSL Summer Workshop

Summer Workshops at the HS/HSL

The HS/HSL offers a variety of free workshops each semester to all UMB faculty, students, and staff.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to 3-D printing
  • Citation management using RefWorks
  • Bioinformatics in the cloud

New workshops will include:

  • Using Biomart for data access and retrieval
  • Flow cytometry data analysis with ImmPort.

Check out the full schedule and registration.

Ryan Harris Bulletin Board, Education, People, Research, Technology, University AdministrationMay 18, 20170 comments
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Q and A with Perman

Quarterly Q and A With Dr. Perman

The next President’s Q&A is June 19 from 1 to 2 p.m. in the School of Social Work Auditorium.

This session will feature a discussion about the campus climate survey.

Join Dr. Perman as he answers questions from students, staff, and faculty. If you have a specific question you would like to ask but never had the opportunity, or if you would just like to know more about what’s happening around campus, please join us.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Clarie Murphy Bulletin Board, People, UMB News, University Administration, University Life, USGAMay 17, 20170 comments
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Mikhel Kushner

UMB Welcomes New Title IX Coordinator

The Office of Accountability and Compliance is pleased to announce the arrival of University of Maryland, Baltimore’s new Title IX Coordinator, Mikhel Kushner, JD, MSW.

A graduate of UMB’s School of Social Work (1998) and the University of Baltimore School of Law (2009), Kushner comes to UMB with extensive experience in higher education including almost a decade directing the Women’s Center at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Prior to joining UMB, Kushner spent several years overseeing Title IX compliance for a consortium of institutions including two medical schools, a school of nursing, a veterinary school, and several colleges.

As executive director for diversity and inclusion and Title IX coordinator, Kushner will guide UMB’s efforts to assure meaningful compliance with federal laws focused on equity and access in schools and the workplace. Her role and responsibilities include:

  • Providing technical assistance on diversity, inclusion, equity, and access issues for employees and students
  • Offering programming and resources intended to prevent discrimination and increase understanding across differences
  • Acting as primary point of contact for responsible employees required to report any information regarding incidents or inferences of sex- and gender-based violence or harassment
  • Coordinating response to reports of possible discrimination including all instances of sex- and gender-based violence or harassment impacting our academic and affiliated communities

Kushner looks forward to working with the community to address issues proactively. Her office is on the 5th floor at 620 W. Lexington St. and she can be contacted at or 410-706-1852. Anonymous reports and inquiries can still be made by phone 866-594-5220 or online.

Mikhel Kushner Bulletin Board, People, UMB News, University Administration, University LifeMay 17, 20170 comments
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Stroke Study

Biogen Acquires Drug Candidate Invented by Marc Simard

Biogen has completed an asset purchase of Remedy Pharmaceuticals’ Phase 3 candidate, CIRARA (intravenous glyburide). The target indication for CIRARA is large hemispheric infarction (LHI), a severe form of ischemic stroke where brain swelling (cerebral edema) often leads to a disproportionately large share of stroke-related morbidity and morality. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently granted CIRARA Orphan Drug Designation for severe cerebral edema in patients with acute ischemic stroke. The FDA has also granted CIRARA Fast Track designation.

Each year, approximately 1.7 million ischemic strokes occur across the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and approximately 15 percent of these are LHI strokes. In preclinical studies, CIRARA has been shown to block SUR1-TRPM4 channels that mediate stroke-related brain swelling. Clinical proof-of-concept studies have demonstrated the potential of CIRARA to reduce brain swelling, disability, and the risk of death in patients with LHI.

“Building on our leading position in multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, and Alzheimer’s disease research, we see a compelling opportunity in stroke where we can leverage our core expertise in neuroscience to make a major difference in patient care. CIRARA represents a potential breakthrough stroke treatment that accelerates our efforts to build a portfolio of new therapies for neurologic diseases,” said Michael Ehlers, MD, PhD, executive vice president, research and development at Biogen. “We believe the data supporting the potential of CIRARA are compelling and that CIRARA can be a first-in-class therapy that gives physicians the ability to meaningfully improve patient outcomes in an area where effective treatments have been few and far between.”

This transaction complements Biogen’s broader efforts to build a portfolio of best-in-class treatments for acute ischemic stroke and further strengthen its leadership in neuroscience. Biogen currently is conducting a Phase 2b study to determine whether its monoclonal antibody natalizumab can help patients with acute ischemic stroke improve functional outcomes by limiting brain inflammation in the post-stoke period. If successful, natalizumab and CIRARA will provide new approaches to treating different populations of stroke patients.

Biogen plans to continue the development and commercialization of CIRARA. Under the terms of the agreement, Remedy will share in the cost of development for the target indication for CIRARA in LHI stroke. Biogen will make an upfront payment of $120 million to Remedy and may also pay additional milestone payments and royalties.

About Remedy Pharmaceuticals

Remedy Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a privately held, clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing and bringing life-saving treatments to people affected by acute central nervous system disease and injuries.

About Biogen

Through cutting-edge science and medicine, Biogen discovers, develops, and delivers worldwide innovative therapies for people living with serious neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Founded in 1978, Biogen is a pioneer in biotechnology, and today the company has the leading portfolio of medicines to treat multiple sclerosis; has introduced the first and only approved treatment for spinal muscular atrophy; and is at the forefront of neurology research for conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Biogen also manufactures and commercializes biosimilars of advanced biologics.

Clare BanksClinical Care, Collaboration, On the Move, Research, Technology, UMB News, University AdministrationMay 16, 20170 comments
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Employee of the Month

‘Extraordinary Customer Service’ Earns Jiang May Employee of the Month

Zhewei Jiang, an IT enterprise developer for the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS), made her way up to President’s Office on the afternoon of May 11 expecting to attend a meeting about document management systems. She was joined by Peter J. Murray, PhD, chief information officer and vice president of information technology, and Michael Smith, executive director of administrative apps, for the “meeting.”

When UMB President Jay A. Perman, MD, walked through the conference room doors and introduced himself to Jiang, she was visibly surprised. She politely said it was a pleasure to meet him, to which Perman responded: “It’s more of a pleasure to meet you.” Perman then announced the real reason for the “meeting”: Jiang had been named UMB’s May Employee of the Month.

He detailed positive comments given by other UMB employees about Jiang’s work. That with the help of her supervisor, Jiang has implemented and supported the campus-based ImageNow document management system, which stores over 8 million images. It allows the entire University to digitally scan, route, store, and access important documents while streamlining workflows, enhancing the operational efficiency of multiple schools and departments.

“In addition, your customer service skills are appreciated by your many admirers,” Perman said. “You go out of your way to be helpful, and that is important to me.”

Perman’s positive comments were echoed by others in the nomination form by Jiang’s supervisor, Douglas Bowser, director of enterprise applications.

Jamaica Cosby, assistant director of Human Resource Services (HRS), said, “I cannot thank your team enough for the extraordinary customer service that you have delivered by explaining every step of this process and introducing me to concepts and capabilities that I did not know even existed.” Before ImageNow was implemented, HRS was required to enter every performance evaluation form into a central database manually.

The School of Nursing (SON) also expressed its thanks. “Because of Zhewei, SON has been able to reduce processing time and staff workloads while simultaneously creating an opportunity for SON to provide updates and personalize messages to students and end users,” said Marchelle Payne-Gassaway, MS, director of admissions.

Despite the challenges that ImageNow and other University systems can present, Jiang — who has worked at CITS for five years — enjoys her job. “I’m always working with different schools and different people,” she said. “You’re always learning something new.”

Jiang received a plaque, as well as a $250 addition to her next paycheck as a reward for being Employee of the Month. “This is a great honor. I truly appreciate it,” said Jiang.

Once nearly everyone had left the room, her colleague Smith offered a final salute. “She deserves this. She is very timely and has great customer service skills,” he said.

Jiang was modest in her response. “It’s not just me. I have a great team. Whenever I need support, I can always talk to my team about what I need, and they always respond. We all work together,” she said.

Jacquelyn White People, UMB News, University Administration, University LifeMay 16, 20170 comments
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Road Closure

HSF III Construction Zone – What You Need to Know


Due to construction, the campus plans to close down all of Pine Street, except for the sidewalk next to Pharmacy Hall, sometime in June.

  • No delivery vehicles will have access to this area and no drops-offs from a vehicle will be able to made using the front door during this time; the loading dock will have to be used.
  • You will still be able to enter the building as you do now, using the front door.
  • We are working with the campus to make sure that those in wheel chairs will have access to the Pharmacy Hall sidewalk so that they can gain access to the building.

Baltimore-St.-Sidewalk-Closing-LogisticsThe sidewalk on the north side of Baltimore Street surrounding the building site will be completely closed in the near future.

The sidewalk on the south side of Baltimore Street will remain open.

Dana Rampolla Bulletin Board, People, University Administration, University LifeMay 11, 20170 comments
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UM shuttle

UM Shuttle Survey

UMB’s Department of Parking and Transportation is evaluating the UM shuttle service in response to user recommendations to refine pick-up and drop-off times for riders. Please complete a survey about your shuttle experience — we value our riders’ opinions.

When taking the survey, copies of the current and proposed UM shuttle schedules are outlined with each question. Please refer to these schedules when answering questions.

Please take this survey to share your opinion.

Dana Rampolla BikeUMB, Bulletin Board, People, University Administration, University LifeMay 8, 20170 comments
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School Hosts 175th Anniversary Luncheon

Distinguished alumni and their guests gathered in Pharmacy Hall on April 29, as the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy hosted its 175th Anniversary Alumni Awards of Service and Excellence Luncheon. Held to commemorate the School’s 175th anniversary, the event celebrated 37 outstanding alumni who were nominated for the honor by their fellow alumni and who epitomize expertise, influence, and impact in the School’s mission areas of education, research, practice, and community service.

“I am tremendously grateful to host this first-of-its-kind celebration at the School honoring our extraordinary alumni, both past and present,” said Natalie D. Eddington, PhD ‘89, FCP, FAAPS, dean and professor of the School, as she welcomed attendees to the event. “The School of Pharmacy has long known about your contributions and successes, and has looked forward to an opportunity such as this to celebrate your accomplishments. As the recipients of today’s Alumni Awards of Service and Excellence, you are the true embodiment of the School of Pharmacy’s legacy, and account for a large part of our 175 years of history and our unparalleled success.”

Established in 1841, the School of Pharmacy is the fourth oldest pharmacy school in the United States. It celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2016. The presentation of Alumni Awards of Service and Excellence marked one of the culminating events for this milestone anniversary celebration.

Honoring Research and Community Service Trailblazers

The event kicked off with the presentation of awards in the categories of research and community service. Research honorees were recognized for their efforts to combine the knowledge that they learned at the School with their unique expertise to help advance scientific knowledge across the spectrum of drug discovery, health services, and practice-based and translational research. Community service honorees were celebrated for their service to professional organizations at both the state and national levels, as well as their work to provide care to patients, mentor the next generation of pharmacy practitioners, and promote healthy communities.

“It has been a wonderful experience to have this opportunity to reconnect with my great-grandfather’s alma mater,” said John (Jay) Dunning, Jr., who attended the event with his father John Dunning to accept an Alumni Award of Service and Excellence in Community Service on behalf of H.A.B. Dunning, PhG 1897, the inventor of mercurochrome – an iconic antiseptic product found in almost every American’s medicine cabinet for nearly half a century. “Our family has a longstanding relationship with the University System of Maryland, so it was an honor to visit this respected institution.”

“When I think about the other alumni receiving awards today, I feel incredibly honored to be recognized alongside them,” added DeAnna “Dixie” Leikach, BSP ’92, who received an Alumni Award of Service and Excellence in Community Service for her work as vice president of Catonsville, Finksburg, and Paradise Professional Pharmacies and service as president and chief executive officer of Pharmacy Ethics, Education, and Resources (PEER), a nonprofit organization that she established in 2015. “It is an incredible experience to be here today and to take part in this extraordinary event.”

Recognizing Excellence in Practice and Education

Following a short break for lunch, the event continued with the presentation of awards in the practice and education categories. Practice honorees included community pharmacists, academicians who also care for patients, consultants, and other experts who work to advance pharmacy practice while improving outcomes for patients. Education honorees were described as the “cream of the crop” in higher education, and included alumni who teach at or lead respected academic institutions, or who have established educational opportunities for students within their professional arenas.

“I am humbled to be here today in the company of such distinguished alumni whom I deeply appreciate and respect,” said Wanda T. Maldonado-Dávila, BSP ’82, PharmD ’86, dean and professor of the University of Puerto Rico School of Pharmacy, who accepted an Alumni Award of Service and Excellence in Education for her work to advance pharmacy education in Puerto Rico, including the implementation of a number of interprofessional education initiatives and development of a new residency program in community pharmacy and certificate in academia for pharmacy residents. “When I first enrolled at the School as a student, I could not have imagined the impact that the experience I was embarking on would have on me as a person and as a professional. I am truly grateful to the School of Pharmacy for providing me with the opportunity to be part of this great community of pharmacists, teachers, learners, scientists, and patient advocates who strive to make a difference in our society.”

“As a student pharmacist, I never expected to pursue a career in academia, so receiving this recognition today is quite humbling,” added Anthony K. Wutoh, BSP ’90, PhD ’96, provost and chief academic officer for Howard University, who accepted an Alumni Award of Service and Excellence in Education for his leadership at Howard University and participation in a multitude of international programs aimed at advancing pharmacy education around the world. “In addition to my father, who was a professor at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, I attribute a lot of the success that I have experienced in my career to the education, training, and mentoring that I received at the School of Pharmacy. The faculty at the School helped me understand how a career in academia would allow me to work with students and participate in research in a field that was particularly meaningful to me.”

Looking Toward the Next 175 Years

Eddington, who was also honored with an Alumni Award of Service and Excellence in Education in recognition of her continued service to the School, concluded the event with a call to action for the award winners, encouraging them to continue their trailblazing work while also advocating and serving as an ambassador for the School of Pharmacy. She also introduced “pharmapreneurism” – the umbrella under which the School of Pharmacy will continue to innovate in education, practice, research, and community service – noting that honorees could expect to hear more about this transformational concept at an upcoming gala that will celebrate the School’s founding pharmapreneurs on May 10.

“Today marks the start of a new relationship between the School of Pharmacy, all of our honorees, and between each of you – a relationship strengthened by your shared connection as recipients of Alumni Awards of Service and Excellence,” said Eddington. “I challenge you all to continue your incredible work with the added pride of this recognition and the bond you now share with both your fellow honorees and the School. You are all pharmapreneurs, as evidenced by the innovations that you have implemented in practice, research, academia, and service, and you now have the distinction of being recognized as all-time award winners. However, with that recognition comes responsibility – helping us continue to be the best school of pharmacy.”

To view a complete list of honorees for the Alumni Awards of Service and Excellence, visit this webpage.

Malissa Carroll Bulletin Board, Education, People, UMB News, University Administration, University LifeMay 8, 20170 comments
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Qualtrics Is Now Available at UMB

Qualtrics is now available to faculty, staff, and students at UMB. It is an easy-to-use online survey software that’s powerful enough to perform even the most sophisticated research. With Qualtrics, survey creation is simple. You can easily collaborate your surveys and results with other faculty and analyze results inside and outside the platform (connect to SPSS, Mechanical Turk, etc.).

Additionally, Qualtrics recently launched the Insight Platform that includes new features and functionality. Over the next few months, try it out and find out how the Insight Platform can take your academic research to the next level!

How are people like me using Qualtrics?

• Academic research
• Class quizzes
• Classroom learning
• Course evaluations
• Conduct academic research
• Enhance your resume
• Improve class projects
• Launch field studies
• New! Qualitative research with text analytics


Joe Dincau Bulletin Board, Education, People, Research, Technology, University AdministrationMay 4, 20170 comments
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Party in the Park

Commencement Party in the Park

Join Dr. Perman, your fellow graduates, and their families for Party in the Park!

UMB Plaza Park
Friday, May 19, 2017
11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Back by popular demand! UMB is celebrating Commencement with a party before the Universitywide Academic Procession to Royal Farms Arena. Enjoy complimentary food, music, and fun activities. The Oriole Bird and the Ravens’ Poe also will make an appearance. Seating will be available for graduates and their guests.

Come hang out with your fellow graduates before the Universitywide Commencement. In addition, the National Museum of Dentistry will be open from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. offering free admission and refreshments. Party in the Park is for graduates and their guests only.

Tickets are not required; however, we ask that you RSVP.


Alice Powell Bulletin Board, Education, People, UMB News, University Administration, University LifeMay 4, 20170 comments
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Friends of the National Library of Medicine

Friends of National Library of Medicine Annual Conference

Working with the National Library of Medicine and Research!America, the Friends of the National Library of Medicine will be holding its annual conference: “Consequential and Reproducible Clinical Research: Charting the Course for Continuous Improvement.”

The conference will discuss prevention of nonrepeatable research and inconsequential studies, highlight positive strategies to achieve trustworthy results, and significant quality improvement in clinical research studies.

The constructive and practical messages should benefit producers as well as users of clinical research discoveries. It features a variety of speakers including the School of Pharmacy’s Peter Doshi, PhD. The conference will take place June 14 to 17.


Ryan Harris Bulletin Board, Education, People, Research, University AdministrationApril 24, 20170 comments
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New and Improved Process for eUMB Access Requests

CITS is very excited to announce our new, streamlined process for requesting access to eUMB Financials, HRMS, RAVEN, and eForms.

For years, users requesting access to these systems needed to send their completed access request forms to the IT Help Desk. The Help Desk team would then submit the form into our ImageNow document management system for approval and processing by the appropriate eUMB team. These extra steps could add hours to the process.

The middle step has been removed, allowing users to submit the request directly into ImageNow and bypassing the Help Desk!

Each system – Financials, HRMS, RAVEN, and eForms – has its own request form, and each form must be sent to the appropriate eUMB team:

These addresses are printed on their respective forms. Access requests will no longer be accepted via fax beginning June 1.

If you have any questions, please email

Stephen Giermek Bulletin Board, People, Technology, University AdministrationApril 21, 20170 comments
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Seasonal Safety

As we transition from winter to spring, we often become relaxed in our environment and forget some of our regular safety habits. A key factor to personal safety is staying aware of your surroundings and avoiding dangerous people and places. You can increase your safety by doing simple things:

  • Look confident
  • Stay alert
  • Focus on your surroundings
  • Put your phone and headphones away
  • Day and night, walk with a friend or colleague when possible
  • Keep your belongings close to you and never leave your property unattended
  • Use UMB’s safety options listed below

Notably, employing cell phone safety while walking around campus is a good habit to develop or rethink.

It probably comes as no surprise that wearing headphones has the potential to prohibit us from hearing things going on around us, but Dr. Lichenstein, professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland Medical Center and his colleagues noted “two likely phenomena associated with [cell phone related] injuries and deaths: distraction and sensory deprivation.” Research has actually shown that using headphones poses the threat of increasing our chance of being involved in an accident because we miss auditory cues that we would otherwise hear. We could also become more of a crime target because we are disengaged from our surroundings. And most obviously, criminals see that we have a cell phone available for taking.


Permitted parkers can park in any garage before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on the weekends. Student specific information is available as well as information for Faulty/Staff.


UMB provides walking and van escorts.

Dana Rampolla Bulletin Board, Community Service, Education, People, University Administration, University LifeApril 21, 20170 comments
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Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate Earth Day with URecFit and CulinArt at the SMC Campus Center!

We’re all caretakers of the Earth. Learn how to empower others as well as yourself to make a positive impact on the planet.

Become more environmentally friendly by joining URecFit and CulinArt on Thursday, April 20, at noon in the lobby of the SMC Campus Center.

Take Action on Earth Day!

  • Bring in three plastic grocery bags and receive a recycled grocery tote
  • Bring in three water bottles and receive a recycled 25 oz. water bottle
  • Participate in the 5K walk/run and receive a mini herb garden
  • Learn about and sign up for the Green Office Program
  • Enjoy some edible dirt
Julia Wightman Bulletin Board, Collaboration, Community Service, Education, For B'more, Global & Community Engagement, People, UMB Go Green, University Administration, University Life, USGAApril 17, 20170 comments
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