Webex: Learn, Meet, Share, Message

Faculty, staff, and students can take advantage of new video and audio conferencing tool.

Webex was introduced to the UMB community in April 2019, and we currently have 7,643 licensed Webex users.

Whether you are faculty, staff, or a student, Webex is here for you. All UMB students have a Webex license and are encouraged to download the mobile app (Webex Meetings and Webex Teams). Faculty and staff also are encouraged to use Webex for all video and audio conferencing needs.

Here are some statistics:

  • Since our launch on April 2, we have had 342 unique users and 6,812 meeting participants. UMB has sponsored 2,413 Webex Meetings totaling more than 300,000 minutes. We have over 35 GB of data (meeting recordings and files) stored in the Webex cloud.
  • Currently, we have 14 Cisco video devices installed in UMB classrooms and conference rooms for ease of integration with Webex. To date, the Cisco Room Kits have been used for sharing (3,500 hours) and calls (67 hours).

Haven’t started using Webex yet? Please do! It’s a great tool and actively being used at UMB. For more information, visit the link below.

Webex at UMB


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