Global Health Seminar: ‘Tuberculosis Vaccines: The End of the Beginning’

The School of Medicine’s Institute for Global Health (IGH) Global Health Seminar for April will feature Chetan Seshadri, MD, of the University of Washington. He will discuss the translational implications of this work for tuberculosis vaccine development in a talk titled “Tuberculosis Vaccines: The End of the Beginning.”

Here are the event details:

  • What: IGH Global Health Seminar
  • When: Monday, April 30
  • Time: Noon to 1 p.m.
  • Where: HSF II Auditorium, 20 Penn St.
  • Speaker: Chetan Seshadri, MD, assistant professor, Division of Allergy and Infectious Disease, University of Washington. Dr. Seshadri leads an independent research program focused on understanding the molecular and cellular aspects of lipid-antigen recognition by human T cells.
  • More information: Go to this link.
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