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Kudos to the Facilities & Operations Team

Bill Joyner, MSW, senior economic inclusion specialist in UMB’s Office of Community Engagement, contacted Dawn Rhodes, MBA, chief business and finance officer and vice president for administration and finance, this week with praise for the facilities and operations team and Terence Morse, MS, interim associate vice president, facilities and operations:


I want to tell you how much it meant to me that your team went out of its way to rescue materials for our community garden.

A Home Depot delivery of fencing materials, including at least 1,600 pounds of concrete, and additional lumber and supplies were dropped off without a phone call, and therefore left at the wrong place. Because of this error, thousands of dollars of materials were left exposed to the elements and the possibility of theft. They also were  dropped in a place that prevented access to utility areas of the BioPark Garage. The materials were just too heavy and too large to move.

That’s when Terry Morse jumped into action, while simultaneously addressing the water main break on Baltimore Street. He coordinated with Mark Drymala to get a forklift to move the materials. Because this was at the very end of the work day for many facilities workers, he moved. When I left the Saratoga Building to meet him there, he was racing on foot in the pouring rain.

After the forklift moved the pallet of materials to the garden, Terry and I started loading the bags of concrete and lumber into the shed by hand because the forklift couldn’t enter the unpaved lot. Matt and Bill, also pictured, heard what was happening and drove over to help volunteer.

These three guys went out of their way to literally do the heavy lifting of community engagement in pouring rain. And Terry did so while dressed like an AVP in dress clothes and dress shoes, covered in mud and concrete.

Then, he went right back to the Saratoga Building to continue working on the water main issue, like it was just another day. I was so grateful, and so impressed. It was a great example of the amazing culture of service in Administration and Finance.

I thought you should know. We were so hot and sweaty in the humid and rainy weather that my camera was fogging up. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a clearer picture.


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