Shdaimah named editor of the Journal of Ethics and Social Welfare, to co-lead with Clifford and Calder

Corey Shdaimah has been named editor of the Journal of Ethics and Social Welfare, which she will co-lead with Derek Clifford and Gideon Calder. Prior to this, Dr. Shdaimah served as North America Associate since 2016, and she co-edited two special issues for the journal. The first, Ethical Conflicts in Social Work Practice: Challenges and Opportunities, was published in 2018. The second, Cooptation, Complicity, and the ‘Helping Relationship’ in Sex Work, will be published in the forthcoming journal issue. Ethics and Social Welfare publishes articles of a critical and reflective nature concerned with the ethical issues surrounding social welfare practice and policy with a particular focus on social work, social care, youth and community work and related professions. The aim of the journal is to encourage dialogue and debate across social, intercultural and international boundaries on the serious ethical issues relating to professional interventions into social life.

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