The Office of Student and Academic Services thanks you for assisting with virtual orientation.

Thank you to the students, alumni, and faculty who helped facilitate the BSN/CNL breakout sessions and answered new student questions during Orientation on Aug. 20. 

BSN co-facilitators:

  • Jen Al-Naber 
  • Linda Cook, PhD '05, MS '97, RN, CCNS, ACNP, assistant professor
  • Madeleine Decelles
  • Alex Huntress-Reeve, BSN '20
  • Emilee Johnson 
  • Cyntia Kakeu Meda Faha 
  • Sarah Kwon, BSN '19
  • Kendal Lee 
  • Kathleen M. Martin, DNP '08, MS '97, BSN '95, RN, CNE, assistant professor
  • Katie McElroy, PhD '16, MS '10, BSN '97, RN, assistant professor
  • Lucie Roach 
  • Christine Vaaler 

CNL co-facilitators:

  • Bimbola F. Akintade, PhD ’11, MS ’05, MBA, MHA, BSN ’03, CCRN, ACNP-BC, NEA-BC, associate professor and associate dean for the Master of Science in Nursing program
  • YoungHo Kim, '19 
  • Cailtin Leonard 
  • Sherrie Lessans, PhD '10, RN, assistant professor and director, Clinical Nurse Leader Option
  • Rebecca Meyerson, CNL '20 
  • Maisy Paxton 
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