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The MNA understands the importance of recognizing the commitment, dedication and hard work of nurses. 

Taking time to pause and celebrate nurses’ contributions can foster a renewed sense of commitment, enhance a sense of value, leading to greater nurse fulfillment. We encourage each of you to consider a nurse deserving of recognition. The MNA Awards is a perfect platform for you to recognize a staff member, teammate, professor, supervisor or Mentor. The Awards will be presented at MNA’s Annual Convention, which will be held October 6 - 7 at the Maritime Conference Center in Linthicum, Maryland. Awardees must be MNA members and are expected to attend the event. Below is a list of MNA Awards; descriptions of each award can be found on the MNA website.

  • The Nurse Superhero Award
  • The Outstanding Nursing Practice Award
  • The Outstanding Nurse Educator Award
  • The Outstanding Leadership Award
  • The Outstanding Advanced Practice Clinical Nurse Award
  • The Outstanding Dissemination of Health Information Award
  • The Outstanding Pathfinder Award
  • The Outstanding Mentoring Award
  • Stierle Exemplary Service Award


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