Innovation and Discovery

As part of our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, UMB has developed a new set of core values. During April, the University is celebrating Core Values Month and has compiled definitions and a list of “How to Be a Catalyst” suggestions for each set of core values.

They will be rolled out on The Elm each Wednesday this month. The core values are:

  • Respect and Integrity
  • Well-Being and Sustainability
  • Equity and Justice
  • Innovation and Discovery



We imagine and explore new and improved ways to accomplish our mission through education, research, clinical care, and service.

How to Be a Catalyst for Innovation and Discovery

Promote ingenuity: Encourage thinking that challenges constraints and inertia, and imagine what is possible by exploring opportunities through creative ideas and collective talents.

Commit to continuous improvement: Learn from your failures or mistakes and be open to adopting new or changing knowledge, approaches, and ideas to influence positive outcomes.

Support informed courage: Create a culture in which taking thoughtful risks and proposing or pursuing bold ideas is encouraged and expected.

Bolster collaboration: Support interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teamwork and the sharing of knowledge, leverage insights from others, and promote broad, interinstitutional community input and practice.

Celebrate impactful results: Measure and recognize the effectiveness of new ideas and publicize successes to internal and external audiences.

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