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In this episode of "The External Medicine Podcast," Mitch Belkin (University of Maryland School of Medicine) and Daniel Belkin (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) speak with Ben White, MD, about his background and reasons for selecting radiology. We discuss ways to improve radiology residency training and medical school education. We briefly touch on physician shortages, White’s blogging at BenWhite.com, and his nano-fiction project (Nanoism).

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Who is Ben White, MD?

Ben White is a practicing neuroradiologist and an associate program director at Baylor University Medical Center. White obtained his medical degree from the University of Texas (UT) Medical School at San Antonio before completing a radiology residency and neuroradiology fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He’s a prominent blogger at BenWhite.com, the editor of a nano-fiction website, and the author of three books, including a free book on student loans.  

What is ExMedPod?

"The External Medicine Podcast" explores nontraditional ideas and innovation through longform interviews. Co-hosts Mitch Belkin and Daniel Belkin are medical students and brothers with diverse interests. Mitch, a former Fulbright scholar, and Daniel, a former filmmaker, examine new ideas and innovation on the outskirts of medicine.

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