SWCOS Annual Advocacy Day

On Feb. 17 from 12 p.m.-2 p.m., the Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS) will be hosting its annual Advocacy Day.

Every year, SWCOS invites School of Social Work students, other members of the broader UMB student body, and any interested community members to come and discuss legislative ideas and priorities that impact our community. This year, we will be examining the impact of racist transportation policy making and how to influence effective change.

Using the SHARP framework articulated by Dr. Wendy Shaia, executive director of SWCOS, we will explore the history and consequences of transit development through a racial equity lens. We will analyze our role within this process and examine a ballot initiative designed to involve individuals who are most impacted by these decisions.

We will also hear from the perspectives of Samuel Jordan with the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition and Scott Davis, director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods. Finally, participants will be invited to articulate how mobility personally impacts their lives and will be offered an opportunity to influence meaningful change related to this policy.

The event can be accessed by visiting, https://www.tinyurl.com/SWCOSAdvocacyDay

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