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Healthy participants 18 to 45 years old are needed for an investigational shigella vaccine study.

What are we researching?

We are evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational shigella vaccine.

What's involved in being a participant?

  • The research involves up to nine outpatient visits, including a screening session and two vaccinations over eight months (plus up to two months for screening). 
  • Participants must never have had shigella infection or a shigella vaccine.
  • Participants may also have a 12-day inpatient stay. During the inpatient stay, participants will be “challenged” with live shigella.
  • The shigella challenge involves exposure to the shigella bacteria in order to evaluate whether or not the vaccine is effective in preventing shigella infection.

Participants will be compensated $3,150 to $7,350.

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