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UMB students, please share your feedback on the opportunities, needs, and initiatives you think UMB Student Affairs and/or specific departments within the division should explore as a part of our 2022-2026 strategic plan.

You can provide feedback via this survey on one or more of the five goals listed below:

  1. UMB Student Affairs will promote the health and well-being of the UMB community by developing programming, services, and resources that are integrated, sustainable, inclusive, and accessible.  
  2. UMB Student Affairs will foster student engagement, learning, and success through inclusive opportunities and data-informed communication strategies. 
  3. UMB Student Affairs will create identity-based experiences and promote anti-racism and anti-oppression efforts in collaboration with stakeholders to develop inclusive and engaged leaders who feel a sense of belonging within the UMB community. 
  4. UMB Student Affairs will promote sustainability-based initiatives, optimize space and facility utilization, source new funding opportunities, and leverage our skills, expertise, and collective knowledge to develop new and enhanced programs, services, and infrastructure. 
  5. UMB Student Affairs will create an assessment and data-driven infrastructure that promotes promising and innovative practices in UMB Student Affairs.    

If you share feedback or an initiative that aligns with a particular department within UMB Student Affairs, it will be shared with that area. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, July 8. 

Students, faculty, and staff, let your voice be heard!
Submit Your Story.