ink cartridge collection box at HSFI

Do you have ink and toner cartridges from your office/department printers that are empty? Wondering what to do with them? Dispose of them the responsible way by participating in a vendor take-back program, utilizing the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) chemical waste form, or bringing them to the new collection box at Health Sciences Research Facility I (HSRF I).

Many manufacturers have take-back programs by which offices can mail their cartridges back to the manufacturer by printing a free, prepaid label. A few printing companies with this program include:

If you have cartridges from another manufacturer that does not have a take-back program, used ink and toner cartridges are considered chemical waste and the EHS chemical waste removal request form should be filled out.

There is also a new option on campus for responsibly disposing of your ink and toner cartridges! There is now a collection box on the 2nd floor of HSFI (in the hallway leading to MSTF Leadership Hall, right outside the elevators) where anyone at UMB can bring their used cartridges to be picked up and recycled by EHS.

Please email with any questions.

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