Request log-in screen

The Operations and Maintenance integrated work management system is undergoing an upgrade on Friday, June 30, beginning at 5 p.m. and ending on Sunday, July 2. With this upgrade comes a new look and feel to the facilities work request portal user interface called ReADY. Listed below are some of the changes that users will see when they log in beginning Monday, July 3:

  • The login page has a new look with an aerial photo of the UMB campus. Please continue to choose “Single Sign-On (SSO)” to log into your account using your UMID and password.
  • The homepage request template images are restyled as cards for a cleaner, more organized look.
  • The navigation bar is reorganized by relocating notifications, about, logout, and user profile pages to a settings drop-down.
  • The request panel of the process page is restyled to organize sections by tab that were previously organized vertically. This allows users to easily identify information instead of having to scroll through the entire request to find information.
  • You may notice some extra spacing between help text and selections when submitting a request. This will be corrected in a future upgrade.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new upgrade, please reach out to or call the Facilities Service Center at 410-706-7570.


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