HR on the move

The UMB Office of Human Resources is redefining the customer service experience with its new initiative, HR on the Move. Twice a month starting in July, HR representatives will be traveling to campus buildings to answer questions and share information about programs that are available to UMB employees.

Laptops, tablets, and fact sheets from each of HR’s functional areas will be available to assist employees with their needs. If an employee has more complex questions, an HR representative will take the person’s contact information and an HR representative will get back to them via phone or email or to schedule a one-on-one follow-up appointment.

HR on the Move will give UMB employees the opportunity to gain personalized knowledge through their HR rep, helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

To learn more about HR on the Move and to find out upcoming dates for on-site services, please visit the link below.

HR on the move


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