CNL Poster Day Winners

Congratulations to our graduating Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) students who took home Poster Day and Graduation awards at the UMSON CNL Poster Day on May 7.  During Poster Day, graduating CNL students showcased their evidence-based project work and students answered questions about their work.

Awards included:

  • Blake Award for Achievement for Pediatric Health Outcomes
    • Ria Allenye (top row, left)
  • Vanguard Award for Achievement in CNL Practice
    (selected by fellow students)
    • Alejandra Castillas (not pictured)
  • Excellence in Neurocare Award
    • Mattison Chayhitz (top row, middle)
  • Henderson Award for Achievement in Treatment Adherence Outcomes
    • Hansani Green (top row, right)
  • Barton Award for Achievement in Symptom Management Outcomes
    • Yeseul Kim (not pictured)
  • Zimmerman Award for CNL Practice
    • Corie Morton and Sydney Tackett (not pictured)
  • Nightengale Award for Achievement in Systems Outcomes
    • Marleigh Smith (middle row, left)
  • Christman award for achievement for Acute care Health outcomes
    • Rhiannon Shenk (middle row, right)
  • Breckinridge Award for Achievement for Women’s Health Outcomes
    • Kimberly Walsh (middle row, left)
  • Excellence in CNL Service and Leadership
    • Jiayi Wu (middle row, right)


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