Lisa Rawlings

“My father, the late Howard ‘Pete’ Rawlings, former chair of the Maryland Appropriations Committee and member of the House of Delegates, grew up in the Poe Homes with his five sisters and brothers. Right around the corner from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the neighbors in the Poe Homes made him who he was and have contributed to the person I have become. Giving to the UMB Foundation via payroll deduction is my small way to say thank you and to acknowledge the incredible richness of this legacy while supporting the causes that matter most to me.”

— Lisa Rawlings, MBA, director, job readiness and workforce initiatives, Office of Community Engagement

UMB employees have the option of donating directly to the school, center, fund, or program of their choice at UMB through payroll deduction. This form of giving is:

  • Convenient: Set it and forget it.
  • Budget-friendly: You choose the amount that works best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Reliable: It assures the program or cause of your choice a consistent source of funding to use throughout the year.

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