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“I’m proud to work and give at UMB because community service and embracing change is integrated into the culture of this institution. I’m inspired by our students at the School of Pharmacy who are very busy yet still find time to become involved and give back to the community. 

“With everything going on in the world right now, I am more driven to find time and opportunities to get involved, give, and volunteer. I know it’s just a portion of all the great things being done here at UMB by students, staff, and faculty across campus, which makes me proud!”

— JuliAna Garcia Brammer, MBA, director of PharmD admissions, School of Pharmacy

UMB’s Proud to Work Here, Proud to Give Here campaign is a Universitywide awareness and fundraising effort that invites faculty and staff to show their pride with a one-time, recurring, or payroll deduction gift to the UMB school, scholarship, fund, or cause that matters most to them.

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