The University of Maryland School of Nursing is committed to providing our employees with opportunities for professional development, and we highly encourage our employees to engage in various School and University of Maryland, Baltimore activities. Employees should discuss such opportunities with their supervisors so they may work toward further developing their knowledge and skills to optimize their ability to actively contribute to their work within the School.

In addition, employees should take advantage, with the support of their supervisors, in opportunities to learn more about current events and academic topics affecting both the University and the School. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to, the president’s annual State of the University address, the President’s Panel on Politics and Policy, the President’s Quarterly Q&A, UMB’s core values talks, and UMB’s annual Umbrella Symposium. Within the School of Nursing, employees are encouraged to attend meetings of the Staff Council, faculty assemblies, and all-school assemblies, as well as the annual State of the School address and our diversity and inclusion events.

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