Baby and mother.

In the face of the current unprecedented global health crisis, a webinar series hosted by the University of Maryland Graduate School and its new MS in Global Health provides viewers with in-depth perspectives from expert panelists on issues related to health equity.

The series will end Tuesday, Dec. 8 with a panel from noon to 1 p.m.

This webinar will examine the intersectionalities of gender, age, poverty, race, and women and children's health during the COVID-19 pandemic with a special focus on solutions.

Introduction of Dr. Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán

  • Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA, interim provost, executive vice president, and dean of the UM Graduate School


  • Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán, MD, MSc, executive director, InterAmerican Center for Global Health (CISG), and faculty member, UM Graduate School


  • Bosede Afolabi, MD, FMCOG, professor at College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, CRNP-Neonatal, FAAN, assistant professor; chair, Partnerships, Professional Education, and Practice, UM School of Nursing 
  • Nadia Sam-Agudu, MD, CTropMed, associate professor, UM School of Medicine; international technical medical advisor, IHV-Nigeria; adjunct professor, UM Graduate School


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