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Maryland is facing a current and foreboding future shortage of nurses. Academic faculty, nurses and new graduate nurses face burnout and moral distress related to workload and work life imbalance.    

The Renewal, Resilience and Retention Program (R3) initiative for the state of Maryland aims to address the root causes of burnout and moral distress to bridge the gap between education and practice to build resilience and capacity to manage daily ethical challenges.  The program provides training for R3  faculty champions and provides curricular content to enhance prelicensure education. This survey will help us understand how you respond to these challenges and let us know what you think of the curriculum.

This research study is open to all students. You are being asked to complete a series of anonymous surveys about how you respond to ethical challenges, manage your resilience and emotional and moral well-being. It also asks you to evaluate the content of the R3 modules in your curriculum.  All responses are anonymous, will be reported in aggregate and no identifying information will be collected.  

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Principal Investigator
Cynda Hylton Rushton PhD RN FAAN
JHMIRB Study Number IRB00279214

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