October is LGBT History Month and celebrates the history and achievements of civil rights and community role models who have contributed to and continue to contribute to advocating for LGBTQ diversity, freedom, equity, and justice. Over the years, many trailblazers have helped to pave the way for LGBTQ rights and justice.

National Coming Out Day will be celebrated on Oct. 11, 2020.  Since many LGBTQ individuals are unable to come out, other LGBTQ individuals use this day to share their own personal coming out stories to support those who are unable to do so or choose to keep their identities private. National Coming Out Day was also intended to instill pride in LGBTQ communities and to support self-acceptance, public awareness, positive mental and physical health, ally-ship, advocacy and unity. National Coming Out Day promotes self-reflection, recognizing challenges that have been overcome and ensuring that the fight continues for equal rights.

Additional Observances and Celebrations

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