Proud to Work Here. Proud to Give Here.

UMB’s second annual faculty and staff giving campaign, “Proud to Work Here. Proud to Give Here,” has officially kicked off. The campaign is a Universitywide awareness and fundraising effort that invites faculty and staff to show their pride with a one-time or recurring gift to the program, fund, or cause that matters most to them.

At UMSON, you can make one gift and have twice the impact! Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, a $15,000 matching fund has been set up for faculty and staff gifts of up to $1,000 to any UMSON fund. Gifts will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR with a gift to the School’s General Scholarship Fund. Support the area that means the most to you and help lessen the financial burden for a student. 

Make your gift today.

Students, faculty, and staff, let your voice be heard!
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