Safety on campus is an ongoing effort and something that staff and faculty have an active role in every day. The UMSON side door poses a unique challenge as individuals use the entrance for multiple reasons, yet only certain staff and faculty have badge access to enter the UMSON side door. 

The Staff Council Executive Board developed the language below to use when entering the side door should someone that you do not recognize attempts to follow you in. Staff Council is also working on adding a sign stating that only employees with badge access are allowed to use the door. Please review the suggested language and keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to keep you safe and keep all of our interactions aligned with UMB's core value of civility. More information will be presented at the All-School Meeting in May.

Role Play: Maintaining Safety and Civility at the UMSON Side Door

If someone is coming behind you as you enter the side door that you don’t recognize as UMSON faculty or staff, please use this language to ensure that we keep our campus safe and maintain our core value of civility.

Ask: "Are you here for the Urgent Care?"

→ If yes: "The door is to the right." 

→ If no: "This entrance is only for employees with badge access. Do you have badge access to this door?"

→ If yes: "OK great. I appreciate your understanding the need to ask given security issues."

→ If no: "OK, no problem. You’ll need to enter through the School's front door on Lombard Street. Thanks so much for your understanding."

Extenuating Circumstances:

  • If there’s inclimate weather, you can allow the individual to come in behind you and walk them to the front desk to show their badge or ID.
  • If the individual has visible physical limitations that would make it difficult for them to walk around to the front entrance, you can allow the individual to come in behind you and walk them to the front desk to show their badge or ID.
  • If someone is making a delivery they should be directed to the front entrance.

In the event that an individual gets confrontational and you're uncomfortable handling the situation, ask the person to come through and calmly call for the security guard the second that you open the internal side door.

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