staff at the staff anniversary celebration

On Wednesday, April 25, staff gathered to celebrate colleagues who have reached significant milestones in their length of service at the School of Nursing and University. The following staff members were celebrated:

5 Years

  • Angie Hines, Senior Academic Services Specialist and Notary Public, OAD

10 Years

  • Stacey Conrad, Director of Development, DEV
  • William Fritz, Service Worker, AS
  • Sarah Hokenmaier, Director of Operations, FCH
  • Sheena Jackson, Interim Director of Admissions, OSAS
  • Vanessa Pigatt, Research Administrator, AS
  • Joanne Pinna, Web Developer/Instructional Designer, ILT

15 Years

  • Werner Dirla, Network Systems Engineer, ILT
  • LuAnne Seipp, Accounting Manager, AS

20 Years

  • Donna Cucina, Accountant, AS
  • Vickie Greene, Coordinator, OSAH
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