SNRS 2020 Annual Conference
March 18-20, 2020
New Orleans

The Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS) has announced a special School of Nursing showcase event with the opportunity for each school to present one scientific poster with a faculty first author, and one scientific poster with a PhD student first author. 

If you would like SNRS to consider your poster for presentation, please submit the PowerPoint slide or JPG image of your candidate poster to by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 10.  It is acceptable to present a poster that you already have presented at another scientific conference within the last 12 months. These posters should NOT currently have been accepted for presentation at SNRS. The UMSON selection committee will inform you by Feb. 14, 2020, if your poster is chosen for presentation. 

You must be willing to travel to New Orleans to present your poster and represent UMSON throughout the conference events. Dean Kirschling has graciously agreed to support the travel and conference registration fees for the selected faculty and PhD student presenters.

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For questions or concerns, contact Erika Friedmann.

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