In June 2020, more than 1,100 University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) faculty members participated in a survey that gave UMB leadership the opportunity to hear firsthand how faculty were coping with the rapid changes needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the feedback, UMB leadership addressed the issues faculty identified to improve their and their colleagues’ capability to engage in effective instruction, conduct important research, and continue desired public service in a manner leveraging appropriate technologies while adhering to established health and safety protocols.

Last week, UMB leadership sent out this survey again via email to check in with faculty and see how they are doing. Leadership wants to know how faculty feel about the University’s response to COVID-19 and if there are other things it can do to support them through this difficult time. Leadership also would like to know about faculty members’ continued experiences with various methods of online/remote teaching.

Faculty participation in this survey is voluntary. They may stop taking the survey at any time or choose not to answer particular questions. They also may go back and change their responses. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete, and the responses are anonymous. The survey is being administered by the Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs for UMB, and the data will be summarized in aggregate. Information that might identify the respondent (e.g., email address, identifying information from the computer on which you take the survey) will not be retained during the collection of data.

Please note: Anything written in text boxes in response to open-ended questions will be summarized exactly as the faculty member writes it. If a faculty member does not want leadership to know who they are, they should not write anything in the text responses that might identify them.

UMB leadership would appreciate hearing from faculty again, so that it can get a better sense of how faculty members are doing and ways that the University can continue to help. Even if a faculty member did not complete the spring survey, their opinions and observations are important to the UMB community, and we urge you to participate.

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