UMSON will begin conferring Master of Science in Nursing degrees (MSN) instead of Master of Science degrees (MS) beginning with the class of master’s students entering in fall 2019. This change in degree will not impact any curriculum, program delivery, learning outcomes, or faculty assignments.

The school has decided to make this change for a number of reasons. Employers, health care providers, other educational institutions, and the public tend to be more familiar with the MSN credential than they are with an MS. Additionally, many alumni and community partners provided feedback that proved instrumental in this change.

Students admitted to the master’s program prior to fall 2019, and any prior alumni, will continue to have the Master of Science (MS) degree designation on their UMSON diplomas and transcripts; however, they may provide this letter of degree equivalency to employers or academic institutions.

Questions? Contact the Office of Student and Academic Services at 410-706-0501.

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