USG students with awards.

Congratulations to the UMSON students and faculty at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) who took home honors during the Student Engagement Awards. The awards recognize the passion and dedication of students, student organizations, and the faculty and staff who help advise student organizations. 

Awards included:

  • Collaboration Award
    • Nurses for Global Health and The Social and Environment Justice Club (top left)
  • Student Organization of the Year
    • Nurses for Global Health (top right)
    • University of Maryland Association of Nursing Students (UMANS) (second row, left)
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year
    • Karmen Hice (second row, right; accepted by UMANS members)
  • Student Organization Officer of the Year Award
    • Rhianna Moyer (third row, left)
  • Student Employee of the Year Award
    • Ejemen Ihionkhan (third row, middle)
    • Nora Quartey (third row, right)
  • Student Life & Engagement Award

In addition, Jenny Guo (bottom row, third from left), BSN ’19, was honored with an Academic Achievement Award at the USG 15th Annual Student Achievement and Leadership Breakfast. The Academic Achievement Awards recognize outstanding seniors from undergraduate degree programs offered at USG, who have demonstrated academic excellence. She is pictured (from left) with Dean Kirschling, her boyfriend, and staff at USG.

Congratulations to all!

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