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Are you a Team Owner who needs to add a large number of people to a particular team, but don’t have the time to approve every request?

Use the Team Code. The Team Code is a unique code generated for each Microsoft Team created. You can use and share this code with people so they can join the team directly and you won’t have to approve any join requests! 

Please note that guests will not be able to be join via the Team Code. They must be added or approved by a Team Owner.

To access and share the Team Code:

·      Click on the ellipses next to the Team name

·      Click Manage Team

·      Go to the Settings Tab

·      Choose the fifth option: Team Code

·      Copy the code generated and send it to those you would like to join the Team!

To use the Team Code to join a Team:

·      Copy the Team Code shared with you

·      Log into Microsoft Teams

·      On the upper right-hand corner of the Teams homepage, under your Avatar, click Join or create team

 ·      Paste the Team Code and click Join Team!

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