2019 MCC Chair - Tim Munn

“I am a fortunate person. My wife likes to remind me of that regularly. I believe that those of us who are fortunate have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate, and there are so very many in need of our help. I include animals and the environment in this as well. The Maryland Charity Campaign [MCC] is an excellent, convenient vehicle for providing this much-needed help and support. There are so many causes in the MCC catalog and so much good you can do. I always feel a bit better about the state of the world after I’ve made my pledges for the year. I’m sure you will, too.”

Tim Munn, MS, assistant dean for information technology, School of Pharmacy, and MCC co-chair for UMB

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has a long and generous history of participating in the Maryland Charity Campaign, a workplace giving program that encourages state employees to make charitable donations in support of the causes they care about. Our theme this year is “Strengthening Our Community.”

To view a list of participating charities and pledge your support through the MCC, please visit mcc.maryland.gov

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