photo of student Rainer Butler

Graduate Student Association president chose her apartment location based on its proximity to the UMB shuttle.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Office of Sustainability is featuring UMB staff, faculty, and students who commute to and from campus using sustainable methods in place of driving in a single-occupancy, gas-powered vehicle. If you’ve never thought of taking the MTA or carpooling with a colleague, now is a great time to consider these and other sustainable commuting methods!

Our fifth feature in the series is a Q&A with Rainer Butler, a PhD candidate in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the School of Medicine and president of the Graduate Student Association.

Why did you decide to utilize the UMB shuttle as your method of coming to and going from campus?

I actually chose my apartment location based on proximity to the shuttle route. The shuttle let me live farther away from campus without having to worry about driving or walking every day. I like to walk sometimes, but in the summer heat, bad weather, and winter, I definitely appreciate the shuttle.

What’s your favorite part about using this method to get to UMB (like saving money or avoiding having to drive in traffic)?

The shuttle is convenient for me and my schedule. The shuttle has later hours, which allow me to use it instead of paying for an Uber if I’ve stayed on campus late in the lab.

Do you do anything fun while riding the shuttle (like listening to an audiobook or calling a family member to catch up)?

Mostly listening to music! Typically, I listen to music or a podcast and use it as little break before or after work. If I happen to see someone I know, sometimes I chat with them.

What advice do you have for others who may be considering riding the shuttle to get to campus?

Use the ridesystems website. I find it a lot more reliable than the UMB app or relying on the timetable that shows the start and end point of the routes. With the website, you can follow the bus in real time. There is also a feedback form, which is useful for reporting issues or suggestions for the shuttle. They have a fast response rate and let you know they’ve looked into your complaint or noted your suggestion.

To learn more about the UMB shuttle, visit the UMB shuttle website.


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