An original play of Shakespearean scenes, chosen and arranged by veterans, reflecting the experiences of military service-members as War approaches, occurs, and fades into the past.

“To Be A Soldier” is adapted from Shakespeare scenes portraying universal experiences of military service members as war approaches, occurs, and fades into the past.

On Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26 at 8 p.m., Olive Branch and Laurel Crown — the military veterans acting ensemble at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (CSC) — is presenting To Be A Soldier, an original play that examines universal realities of war, experienced across the history of humanity.

The ensemble has adapted scenes from a wide range of Shakespeare's plays that present moments faced by military service members in five acts, one each addressing: political events that lead to war, alliances and betrayals, life and death on the battlefield, the plights of prisoners of war, and the post-war return to regular life and society.

One of the members of Olive Branch and Laurel Crown is David Hanauer, a compliance investigator in UMB's Office of Accountability and Compliance.

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Veterans with ID may attend free. Children under 18 with a paying adult may attend free. Standard admission: $22/person. For advance tickets:

For admission, attendance, health and safety, and any other questions, the CSC Box Office is open Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and may be reached at 410-244-8570 and/or

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