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Student Affairs recognizes the dedication and hard work of student staff during the week of April 11 - 15.

National Student Employment Week will run April 11 - April 15 this year and is a time for the UMB Division of Student Affairs to recognize and honor our students, interns, and non-student part-time employees. Their dedication, passion, and commitment help us all within Student Affairs to create rich diverse programs and continue to provide services not only to our student body, but to everyone within UMB and surrounding areas. The UMB Division of Student Affairs has been able to rise to the top of our field and offer all-inclusive, educationally driven, and engaging programs because our staff are the backbone of our operations. We are so proud of our employees and are excited to honor them for all the hard work that they do.  

The staff at the UMB Division of Student Affairs have shared positive words to show the amount of appreciation we have for our employees. 

Intercultural Center 

“The Intercultural Leadership and Engagement unit deeply appreciates the excellent work of the Intercultural Center's interns, Sandra Crespin-Melgar and Beatriz Mendez. This includes Sandra's work on co-developing and facilitating the Critical Conversations Dialogue Program on race and racism and Beatriz's work on supporting the UMB Student Pantry.” 

Office of Global Engagement/IOS 

“Both of our student employees — Alexis and Saim — staff the CGE front desk, assisting international students and scholars with document pickup and drop-offs, and helping CGE staff with special projects. We're so thankful to have them in the office!” 

Office of Educational Support and Disability Services 

“Oreena, and all the ESDS test proctors, provide a valuable service to UMB students with disabilities!” 

UMB Student Affairs  

“As front desk assistants for UMB Student Affairs, Ariana, Daniel, Autumn, Rajaniece, and Mary-Anthony are the backbone of many divisionwide initiatives. They are some of the first faces you see when you enter the Student Affairs suite, and the five of them also consistently lend their creativity, problem-solving skills, and unique point of views to projects such as Campus Life Weekly, the production of “The Table at UMB” podcast, and strategic planning efforts. Their work and insight are invaluable, and my appreciation for them is boundless — I can never thank them enough.” — Angela Jackson, senior marketing specialist, UMB Student Affairs 

Student Counseling Center 

“Lily is completing her second-year field placement with the Student Counseling Center. She is receiving training on completing intake assessments, supportive outreach, and referral assistance to students across UMB’s campus. We are greatly appreciative of her engagement and willingness to support our students in our transition back to campus and in their overall wellness journeys.”  

URecFit and Wellness 


“The aquatic staff take on another level of leadership when they decide to join URecFit and Wellness as lifeguards by going through rigorous training to become certified as Professional Rescuers.”  

Facility Supervisor 

“Our facility supervisors are the backbone of our operations at URecFit and Wellness. They run our day-to-day operations and are always striving to keep a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for our patrons. They ensure that the rest of the student and non-student part-time staff are diligent, active, and engaged with their work. We would not be able to run our facility without them. I am very thankful for their hard work.”  


“Our fitness staff have kept our facility clean and sanitized to help protect our UMB community while they exercise here at URecFit and Wellness. They have been instrumental in our success, and I appreciate their ability to adapt and learn. Our fitness staff have also provided virtual programs and have helped keep our community active. I appreciate all of their work!”  


“Patron assistants are the face of URecFit and Wellness. They are the first staff members that greet our members when they arrive at our facility. They strive to provide excellent customer service to our members, as well as ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience when visiting our facility. We appreciate everything they do.” 


“Pratt staff have been working diligently to provide and maintain a safe and friendly environment for all members to enjoy. URecFit and Wellness are so thankful for everything you do!”  

IM Supervisor 

“Thank you to our intramural supervisors who have all done an outstanding job bringing the fun and energy every night to our intramural sports leagues.”  

Youth and Family 

“Youth and Family student employees worked tirelessly behind the scenes to put together an outstanding virtual summer program for 40 young people the last two summers. SummerU Virtual Camp would not have been successful without you!” 

Writing Center 

“At the UMB Writing Center, peer writing consultants meet with faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, students, researchers, and members of Baltimore communities to discuss strategies for writing, offering in-person and online synchronous and asynchronous one-to-one and group-oriented support for writers at all stages of the writing process across the many genres and disciplinary and professional discourses of UMB programs. While navigating complex schedules as full-time graduate students and/or professionals, consultants complete rigorous annual and ongoing training focused on antiracist and anti-oppression approaches to writing center practice. These student employees work long hours to hold themselves answerable to UMB writers — their lived experiences and identities across many axes of difference. Consultants, then, serve as crucial accomplices in critically questioning language standardization and attitudes about language ‘correctness’ while reimagining writing education and assessment to respond more justly and equitably to the social, negotiated, and contextual nature of all communication within and beyond the academy. Thank you so much, consultants, for your good work!” — James Wright, associate director, UMB Writing Center 

School of  Social Work 

  • Lily Roze Annenberg 2nd Year
  • Zoey Cain – 2nd Year
  • Quinn Kenny – 2nd Year
  • Holly Mancuso –2nd Year
  • Ariana Meinster  2nd Year
  • Sandra Crespin-Melgar – 2nd Year
  • Beatriz Mendez – 2nd Year
  • Rebekah Schrier – 2nd Year

School of Dentistry 

  • Phuong Bui 2nd Year
  • Daniel Chu  4th year
  • Gregory Poku-Dankwah – 4th Year
  • Adaobi Egwuagu – 4th Year
  • Ali Fahimi – 2nd Year
  • Atem Forwang – 2nd Year
  • Joanna Garcia – 3rd Year
  • Brian Garner – 2nd Year
  • Lisa Hart – 4th Year
  • Dunstan Kalanzi – 1st Year
  • Kyung Yun Min – 2nd Year
  • Aastha Parikh – 4th Year
  • Hannah Rothback – 3rd Year
  • Venkata Rudravaram – 2nd Year
  • Tenzin Sengye – 2nd Year
  • Rupini Shukla –3rd Year
  • Stephanie Smith – 4th Year
  • Marisa Stewart – 4th Year
  • Kayla Tinio – 2nd Year
  • Tommy Tran – 4th Year
  • Emmanuel Utah – 2nd Year
  • Melisa White Valencia – 2nd Year
  • Sara Wei – 2nd Year
  • Hope Yoon – 4th Year
  • Ying Zhang – 2nd Year

School of Nursing 

  • Rachel Bender – 2nd Year
  • Sal Bharde – 2nd Year
  • Elizabeth Coffel – 2nd Year
  • Sweekriti Kharel – 2nd Year
  • Marosa Menguito – 1st Year
  • Oreena Monrose – 2nd Year
  • Mary-Anthony Olaleye
  • Jennifer Qiu – 1st Year
  • Laura Sullam – 2nd Year
  • Anika Zamurd – 2nd Year
  • Emily Zhang – 2nd Year

Francis King Carey  School of Law 

  • Saim Ali – Master's
  • Christian Amadi-Ohiri – Master’s
  • Devin Harvin – 2nd Year
  • Timothy Ondego – Master’s
  • Ernestas Pravilionis – Master's 

School of Medicine 

  • Vinnie Banerjee – 2nd Year
  • Robyn Bernard 
  • Mycah Berson – 2nd Year
  • Parth Bhatia – 2nd Year
  • McKenzie Bina – 2nd Year
  • Samantha Bowen – 2nd Year
  • Callie Cromer – 2nd Year
  • Greg Dawson – 3rd Year
  • Natalie Flynn – 2nd Year
  • Emily Garguilo – 3rd Year
  • Michelle Goldberg – 2nd Year
  • Kami Holt  1st Year
  • Valerie Jones – 2nd Year
  • Jin Hong Kang – 3rd Year
  • Monet Kelly – 1st Year
  • Yanni Kevas – 3rd Year
  • Udit Khetan – 1st Year
  • Kevin Lamberson – 2nd Year
  • Christopher Lamont – 2nd Year
  • Megan McClure – 1st Year
  • Anastasia Miletich – 3rd Year
  • Josh Miller – 2nd Year
  • Kerry Shutt – 2nd Year
  • Bailey Souder – 2nd Year
  • Jaime Rudbart – 2nd Year
  • Kaitlin Ta – 2nd Year
  • Rajaniece Thompson  2nd Year
  • Gabriella Velleggia – 1st Year

School of Pharmacy 

  • Alexis Burgess – 3rd Year
  • Halah Hussein1st Year
  • Austin Ingley – 1st Year
  • Cynthia Okereafor – 1st Year
  • Autumn Williams  1st Year

Graduate School 

  • Disha Arora 1st Year
  • Teertha Irla – 1st Year
  • Megha Jeeson – 1st Year
  • Ankita Joshi – 1st Year
  • Kavya Kadali – 1st Year
  • Manali Kadam – 1st Year
  • Ayushi Mohadikar – 1st Year
  • Savni Prabhu – 1st Year
  • Maryann Rodas – 1st Year
  • Yu-Lin Shen – 1st Year
  • Siddhant Shukla – 2nd Year
  • Kabir Somani – 1st Year
  • Radha Vaidya – 2nd Year
  • Rutu Valapil – 2nd Year

Non-Student Employees – URecFit and Wellness 

  • Carin Clingan
  • Jacqueline Dailey
  • Tisha Gutherie  
  • Jasmine Jacobs
  • Ashley Kansinally
  • Kurt Kuegler  
  • Brian Phipps
  • Tomas Rivera
  • Ericka Thompson
  • Marissa Walch  
  • Destini Ward

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