The University of Maryland School of Social Work is pleased to sponsor this symposium scheduled for May 21-23.

May 21-23, 2019
School of Social Work
University of Maryland, Baltimore

We invite you to join national and international training evaluators in the human services field with a focus on child welfare to share evaluation ideas, challenges, and methodologies in an atmosphere of collaboration and support.

The symposium is a unique opportunity for child welfare training evaluators to:

  • learn new methodologies,
  • discuss evaluation strategies and issues that permeate our work, and
  • craft tested, research-based solutions to improve training quality and transfer.

The symposium will address a spectrum of training evaluation issues to improve the quality and effectiveness of child welfare training evaluation projects. Special emphasis will be on:

  • building a robust evidence base using multiple and varied data collection and
  • analysis strategies and methods that lead to improved programming and professional practice, and therefore more positive outcomes for families, youth and children.

The members of the National Human Services Training Evaluation Symposium are organizers of the conference.



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