DocuSign provides the UMB community with the capability of routing documents internally or externally.

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) released the electronic signature and approval application DocuSign to the campus Oct. 1. This application provides the UMB community with the capability of routing documents to anyone on campus or externally.

DocuSign is available to any UMB faculty, staff, student, Faculty Physicians, Inc. employee, or affiliate to initiate and send a document as long as the sender has an email address that ends in

To gain access to DocuSign, create your UMB DocuSign account by logging into DocuSign using your UMB email address, UMID, and password. Once created, your account will be given basic security access that does not allow the sending of documents. To send documents using DocuSign, the DocuSign Security Request form must be submitted. This form can be found in the CITS Services Authenticated UMB Forms Library.

If you would like to read more about UMB’s implementation of DocuSign, please visit the DocuSign website ( The website will provide information in the following areas of interest:

  • Overview of DocuSign.
  • DocuSign FAQs.
  • How to access DocuSign.
  • The different security roles available and what the capabilities are of each role.
  • UMB Policy and Procedure concerning electronic signatures at UMB.
  • Training videos.
  • A link to the CITS Services Authenticated UMB Forms Library, where you can find campus-based forms that use the DocuSign application. 
  • DocuSign support.

For questions, please email the DocuSign support team at DL-CITS DocuSign Support.


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